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Core is an important focus in Lagree because it is active and engaged in every move! Class will usually start with a core sequence to warm-up your muscles for the rest of the workout! Because Core is so important in Lagree, we wanted to share some tips to help you feel prepared in class !!!

HINT: Most core moves in Lagree are done with a light spring load (!!!)


The wheelbarrow and saw are Classic Lagree moves. With your hands on the front platform & knees on the first red line you send the carriage out. Keeping the shoulders back and holding the modified plank position. The challenge is using that core, triceps, shoulders, and lats to bring your shoulder back up over your wrists (& no further). Saw looks the same as wheelbarrow, the difference being that saw is done on your elbows.

Wheelbarrow gets fun with variations like cobra, pushups, or turning it reverse, giant, or GIANT REVERSE. With wheelbarrow, and saw, you can even add a twist to target those obliques! Wheelbarrow is one of our favorites!!!


Plank to Pike is a versatile Lagree move !!! Getting this move down makes other variations possible! FIRST, in Plank to Pike it is important to keep your shoulders over your wrists & SECOND keep that head as an extension of that spine (that means peeking at those toes as you hips rise to pike) !!! This move is a CORE CLASSIC but as we know Lagree is total body.. you will also be strengthening triceps, shoulders, and lats! Challenge yourself by adding in those variations!!!


Bear is a core classic move with MANY possible variations! When you get the classic bear move down, you're practically a Lagree Yoda! Bear is core focused staple.. the challenge is to keep your hips in the blue line (shoulders to hips), and to stop those knees right in the 90 degree angle before taking it back out into a plank position! This move is targeting the core, arms, upper body, and glutes! We LOVE a Full Body STRENGTHENER. If you want to take an extra challenge in the bear, try adding a push-up or cobra variation!!


Let's talk about the ice breaker!! Ice Breaker is done by pushing against a heavy spring// this move targets quads, glutes, abdominals, chest, triceps, shoulder, and lats!! A challenge in this move is to stop your knees right your hips before pressing back out.. FORM FORM FORM is the focus!


Form is an important focus on catfish, the goal is to keep your hips in line with your shoulders. This move will target your shoulders, triceps, lats, quads, calves and core! The reverse catfish is done at the back of the machine, which adds an extra challenge! Talk about a full body BURNER.

That's it today for the CORE CLASSICS TRAINER TIPS !!! Can't wait to see you on the Megas !!! &stay tuned for more Trainer Tips coming soon!

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