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Member Motivation comes to you today from our own Heather Heath! Truly blessed to have such incredible clients.

"A friend in Atlanta introduced me to an amazing Lagree studio in 2016. I was incredibly inspired by the super strength of the women in those classes - a lot were older than me and killing it every time. I started classes to complement running. I stuck with them because they made me stronger. When my husband and I discussed a move from Atlanta to the Franklin area in 2019, the first thing I did was search for a Lagree studio. Now in TN, I walk our dogs or hike more often than I run, but because of TrueForm, I’ve been able to keep doing Lagree twice a week.

From the time our boys were young, we talked to them about some specific family values - Be kind - Work hard - Try new things - Do your best. I want our boys to see me making the same types of lifestyle choices I ask them to make, and TrueForm is a space for putting those values into practice. They know these classes are no joke! They also know how good I feel after class and how important it is for me physically and mentally.

There is a general sense that anyone showing up at TrueForm is trying to be the best version of her/himself. I love that! There is a sense of community around that. My personal goal is “strong and healthy.” I’ll be 50 in April, and each session at TrueForm reminds me how strong and capable I actually am." - Heather

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