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“Oh… & I am a LOVER OF LAGREE!” - Kelly Fay Coccia

“I am a Lover of Sweat, Strength and a good Margarita! Oh, and I am a lover of Lagree.

I get asked a lot about Why?

Why workout?

Why Lagree?

I always answer Why not? I love that I Get to workout. I do not Have to workout. Studio Novo came into my life 6 years ago. I was always a fitness junkie, but this method is like nothing else. I have changed my body, gotten stronger and leaner, but most importantly I have improved my mental strength and determination to be my Best!

Thank You Studio Novo for improving my Fitness game, helping me to look and feel like I am only 45, and of course the Love!” - what an inspiring “why” from @kfaycioccia

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