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Some Monday Motivation from our TrueForm Mom/Daughter Duo.. Peyton & Melissa Poppell!😍⁠ Keep reading to see why they choose TrueForm each day… & yes, we mean EACH DAY. Xx 💓⁠#TrueFormFitness #Lagree #FranklinTN #MondayMotivation

"The Lagree Method is a workout I came across several years ago when Studio Novo first opened. From the first workout session, I knew I found something special. A workout to length, tone and lift in all areas! Through the years I have coaxed all my family to be apart of this workout with me and now that my oldest daughter lives is Nashville I have a constant partner!! Kenzie has done an amazing job bringing new light and beauty to what is now TrueForm! I didn’t realize I could find a New love for something I already treasured! I am blessed for all the friendships I have made here throughout the years." - Melissa Poppell

"My mom introduced me to Lagree whenever I was in high school and I fell in love. I continued my Lagree journey all throughout college and am now a proud member of TrueForm. I travel 30 minutes from downtown Nashville everyday to come to this studio because I truly feel every instructor is not only there to teach us, but to encourage and love us. This workout has transformed my body and made me the strongest I’ve ever been and I’m forever grateful for TrueForm." - Peyton Poppell

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